Our staff is happy, in turn, our clients and customers are satisfied.  Therefore, we do our very best to ensure every team member has the same opportunity for advancement, resources available to them, and of course…lots of fun.

We find it’s necessary to know our teams personal and professional goals in order to achieve mutual success.  By doing things outside of the office, we are able to be in a more laid back environment to get to know our team and their families.

We have three main pillars that give us a phenomenal office culture, which our success is built on. We…

Legacy Concepts is successful because we work tirelessly to help make sure all our employees reach all of their personal and professional goals, and that they have a good time while doing so! We are the best at what we do, and in order to maintain that status we are a hard working unit. However, being the best also has it’s perks!. We reward all of our hard work with fun activities both in and outside of the office. Spending time together has built an office atmosphere that operates as a family, not just as coworkers.

Travel is one of the Legacy family’s favorite way to learn how to expand our business. We have regional and national travel opportunities for extra leadership training (and, of course, FUN). Many members of the Legacy Concepts staff are able to look back and see how they have grown personally and professionally through their travel experience.

The Legacy family is so grateful for all the professional opportunity we are granted and for all the personal fun and travel that we enjoy. We are also aware that no everyone is afforded the same luxuries, this is why Legacy Concepts is always working to improve our philanthropic efforts.

Our favorite charity is Operation Smile, a dedicated non-profit that works tirelessly to help those in need. Please take the time to look at all the good work that they are doing.